Meet ease

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Ease is a wearable transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) product designed for patients with fibromyalgia syndrome to relieve chronic pain wherever and whenever is needed.

Why ease?

Cordless design

-Provides high mobility while receiving therapy.
-Hides the electronic components not to expose that the patient is receiving treatment.

Skin-friendly materials

-Provides antibacterial, non-allergic, and washable materials to the areas in contact with the skin directly.
-Avoids skin irritations by using breathable and flexible structures.

Accurate positioning

-Ensures an accurate, practical, and stable positioning of the electrodes onto the skin with a skin-tight garment.
-Enables to place the electrodes easily to the areas which are difficult to reach on the body.


-Intuitive interface allows controlling the device easily.
-Guidance ensures applying the treatment correctly.

How does it work?

Mobile App

The mobile application is designed to allow users controlling the device easily through its intuitive interface. It provides a guidance to ensure a correct application of the TENS treatment.